I love having breakfast! And I never skip having one. If I do, then that means that I just got up way to late to call it “breakfast”. Nothing feels better than a well-deserved bowl of yumm after a much needed morning run! Luckily enough, I never had to “learn” to eat in the morning, it is just how I was raised and I never questioned it. I also never had problems eating and enjoying food, so why not start from early in the morning?

Learning about starting my day with a power-meal and its benefits came later. Fortunately, all arguments I have seen so far have been on my side!

So, my breakfast recipes are for all those, who cannot imagine the sun-rise with an empty stomach, for all those, who would like to feel that kick of energy after a good breakfast and for the ones, who never have breakfast … but still wouldn’t mind having some damn good recipes for any other time of the day!