Those who know me know…a salad is never just a salad! I can have just a salad every day for lunch and dinner and be full, nourished and happy! What’s with breakfast? Fruit salad :)!

Where does my love for salads come from? Well, we have the obvious perks: they are fresh, easy to make, one can make a salad out of everything and one can definitely personalise it! You know, make it a cool salad by adding an extra olive or three peppermint leafs on top… But, apart from all that, I guess that my cultural background has something to do with it. In Bulgaria salads are big! No family dinner goes by without a bowl full of good tomatoes, cucumbers, some onion and a lot of cheese on top. Any self-respected restaurant would have at least 2 pages of all types of salads! So, you can imagine my disappointment when I realised that in Austria restaurants typically offer 3 (three!!!) salads: mixed salad (tons of green leafs, 2-3 cherry tomatoes and if one is lucky, some cucumbers), potato salad and a green salad (only green leafs…). And don’t get me wrong! I love potatoes, I also happen to like green salad but … seriously?! Is that all there is?!

So, as a passionate salad-lover, I want to spread the word around and show the Greatness of salads!

A salad is a masterpiece and eating one should feel awesome!