Pumpkin Quinoa Salad with Spinach

pumpkin quinoa salad with spinach

After having finished the Wachau Half-Marathon with a personal best time, I proudly announced that today I was going to chill, relax and do nothing… What did I do instead? Cleaning, cooking, shooting, singing and dancing! I guess one can define the verb “to chill” in more than one way. And the result was thisRead more

Green Pea Hummus with Mint

Green pea hummus with mint

There are very very few things that I absolutely cannot say No to… next to massage, hummus is one of them! It has been on my plate for quite some years now and I just can’t get tired of it! And for the hot August evenings… something light, filling and super fresh! This super easyRead more

Banana Muesli with Cacao and Hemp Seeds

Banana Muesli with Cacao and Hemp Seeds

I am in a relationship! And I don’t mean my boyfriend, nor the relationship I have with running, for example. I mean something full of constant satisfaction, harmony and good taste! I just realized that I have been in a 8-9-year relationship with my breakfast. Now, I know this sounds…weird. Still, my┬ábreakfast has consisted inRead more